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TT01 1/6 TwistingToyz- WW2 Fabio Boxset
Manufacturer :Twisting Toyz
Cantegory :Action Figure Boxset
Availiable :Sep 22, 2009
Item no. :1427
Unit Price :US$59.99
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The box contains: The action figures with the european infantry uniform complete with helmet and infantry boots, there is also a collectible information sheet with the history of the "B. Mussolini" Battalion fighting near the Italo-Yugoslav border in 1945


* Mod 38 rifle with 2 spare ammo clips
* Panzerfaust 60
* Gas mask bag
* One Italian grenades
* Showel and holster
* Knife and holster
* Two optional hands
* Fez (Bersagliere hat)
* Sergeant and Corporal optional ranks